Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on understanding human behavior is critical to organizations. 1

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on understanding human behavior is critical to organizations. mportant for organizational leaders to evaluate themselves with regards to understanding human behavior to manage the workforce effectively and efficiently for optimized performance.

Organizational leaders should be able to put in place the application of leadership principles through knowing oneself and seeking self-improvement by continually strengthening favorable leadership attributes. A leader needs to be proficient technically with regards to tasks and responsibilities of each employee under his/her leadership. Leadership must entail taking responsibility for the organization in general by guiding the organization to new heights alongside making an in depth analysis of challenges and taking corrective actions rather placing the blame on employees. More so, making timely and sound decisions, effective communication to employees and application of the team spirit is also essential for organization leadership.

Good leaders seek to achieve self-improvement of leadership attributes that would be useful in understanding human behavior and leading the organizations to greater heights. Leadership attributes for understanding human behavior may include professionalism, selflessness, honesty, proficiency, and competence. Over and above the leadership attributes with regards to employee behavior, the environment in which responsibilities are discharged is paramount. All organizations exist and carry out their day-to-day operations in a specific work environment that is a significant influencing factor on the way leaders manage organizational behavior and respond to opportunities and challenges facing them (Gamage, 2006, p.76).

In discharging their duties, leaders have the capability of to influence the work environment through establishing relevant and high performance standards and goals, values, employee and activity concepts.

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