Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on media quality control in microbiology.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on media quality control in microbiology. Media Quality: The base in microbiology is the media that determines good results and therefore a vital part of the overall preparation for testing and researching. Quality is essential to assuring the analysis is exceptional to reveal the final results. In commercial media usage by some laboratories often succeed in meeting all tests within the quality level platform. That is why the quality control for assurance in growth, isolation, and identification for a concise perform effort to test isolates in susceptibility. Therefore, media components that are noted to being tested as PH and growth of organisms for testing as well as selective media expectations. In doing so, the quality level of media is within the process for a controlled matrix that is warranted.

Culture media are essential to a vital assessment within the realm of microbiology that is without good media, in which, the chance for good results can be the final outcome. Thus, the manufacturing protocol of culture medium reaching laboratory are as follow. raw materials, manufacturing, and quality tests. The reasonable approach is to use quality control (QC) tests for culture media. The stated medium when it goes reconstitution, heat-processing and supplementation with additives are concentrated solely on culture media testing. The few laboratories that are prepare media from the basic raw materials implements comprehensive control procedures. Thus, the three main element aspects must be included in validating culture media covering processing, control, physical features, and microbiological performance.

Quality control is only partial measurement for total quality assurance. however, the extensive testing is still recalled knowing no culture medium is perfect. Testing the protocols is designed to measure the major outcome of characteristics of the medium. The designed an approach for securing quality platform presents instances, such as, Growth, that the core determination ability relays to a medium of support of the suspected organisms (Kumari and Bhatia, 2003).

In culture media used in the northern hemisphere are a commercially produced platform for passing an extensive process and end-product desired testing.

The growth assessment is required with the exception to the addition of perhaps misleading growth, that is why, the quality control to adhere to internal protocols are a must for success.

The selection method presents an organism for testing that should provide a selection from among the more fastidious species. In doing so, the fastidious species of organisms that are one assessment may be looking for in specimens received from patients. Therefore, the targeted method of tested elements for its core quality measure can occur due to the process of growth assessment. The Inhibition measure in an attempt for isolation of fastidious organism’s correlates to an inoculating media for used in identifies specific relations. The concept is derived by identifying certain additives used, in relation to an inhibited approach that is used with media as preparation in the laboratory (Kumari and Bhatia, 2003).

Selective media, it presents the approach of a design no always only to support by the role of growth of organisms to inhibit the growth of others. To inoculate the medium with representatives of both defined groups of organisms. The selective media to perform proactively is in the one challenge to conduct accordingly of each batch of culture during sufficient check points. Differential aspect the concept provides a making of a medium suitable for usage to managing a rigorous quality control measures. Many laboratories prefer usage of a F.O unit instead of traditional autoclaves to a preparation at the same time in the laboratory (Kumari and Bhatia, 2003).

The Control organisms-ATCC presents the references from stains that are controlled organism/materials. The Control organisms-ATCC reinforces the objective that offers a well-balanced accurate composition of the final product measure (Kumari and Bhatia, 2003). The NCTC for microbiological performance assessment is the offering for proper preparation of examination procedures. Tests are controlled organisms that are to be performed on an allotment of reagents for staining to being procured. The test all stains are at appropriate intervals for their objective to being distinguish positive or negative. The handler plays a pivotal role in culture media assessment in alleviating distribution in media for proposes a bacteriology laboratory that is desired frequencies of testing all stains appropriate levels (Kumari and Bhatia, 2003). Therefore, the preparing high quality medial the label indication needs restriction in testing within controlled measures. The attributes are to illustrate a restricted measure of quality to delivering the substance by produces an outcome of a medium suitable.


1. Kumari, Sudarshan & Bhatia, Rajesh (2003) World Health Organization. Guidelines for Peripheral and Intermediate Laboratories in Quality Assurance in bacteriology and immunology. WHO Regional Publication, South East Asia series No. 28, New Delhi.

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