You will prepare and submit a term paper on Racial and Ethnic Inequality. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Racial and Ethnic Inequality. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. Racial and Ethnic Inequality Define race and try to differentiate race from ethni Race and ethni are common terms that illustrate the depth of intolerance in the modern world. Race is a concept of stratifying people with similar physical attributes such as skin color. The attributes are often derived from genetic ancestry. On the other hand, ethnicity refers to the stratification of people based on their culture and aspects such as religion and customs. People in same ethnic groups identify with each other from a long line of genealogy.

How has race and racism change in America over the last hundred and fifty years?

Racism is a common vice in America with a number of cases involving racism against non-white Americans. However, it is worth noting that racism has declined significantly over the last century. The government has taken active measures to form an all-inclusive society by strict anti-racism laws, equal opportunities for all and civil liberties. Over the last century, minority groups gained several rights reserved for Native Americans such as voting.

Do we still live in a segregated society and if so, how does this segregation affect both whites and non-whites?

Despite the sharp fall in racism cases in the county over the last century, the society is still segregated where many prefer to associate with their race. Although these situations are not illegal, they segregate the society into groups. The segregation limits freedoms of people in white and non-white brackets a common situation is that a white person may feel unsafe to live in a non-white neighborhood without an apparent threat.

How does race define economic status in America?

In America, differences in economic prosperity have a close relationship to race. Most of the prosperous people are white since they have more opportunities and control most resources. Non-whites form a majority of low-income earners in the country due to discrimination. In fact, race is a main element that defines the social and economic classes in the country. Thus, people in the White race have more chances that non-whites.

Is being black or Hispanic a crime in the United States?

The constitution guarantees every citizen the right to reside in the country without discrimination. Thus, it is not illegal being black or Hispanic in the United States.

Discuss the relationship between race and class in the United States

Race also defines social class in America. White people often regard themselves are the rightful owners of the country and should lead every aspect in the country. The reasoning is transferred to their generations. The wealth and social status ensure that other races remain suppressed and confined to a lower social class.

Does racism help those who stay in power, stay in power?

Race is a big consideration when electing political leaders and is often sued as a tool to ensure the supremacy of a certain race. For example, whites may support white candidates by the virtue of being white is an opponent is non-white or Hispanic.

How does class within a racial group affect status?

People in a racial group may gain a higher class and take control of the racial group. People with a higher class within a racial group tend to represent the group in leadership positions. Consequently, people with lower class have lower privileges.

How is racism similar to gender prejudice and how is it different?

Racism is similar to gender prejudice in various ways. Both terms refer to vices of using a person’s physical appearance as a reason for oppression. The oppression includes inequality in access to social services, employment and uneven application of the law. The differences are that gender prejudice cut across races and mostly confined to women (Taylor and Andersen 278). Race affects both genders.

Define caste

Caste is a type of grouping that distinguishes groups of people through the degree of pollution, ritual purity and social class. The caste system is prevalent in India and places every citizen in a specific caste based on the stated factors.

How does racism affect the rest of the world?

Racism affects movement and interaction of people in the world. People fear travelling or interacting with people of different races for fear of hostilities. The situations threaten the peaceful coexistence in the world.

How would a conflict theorist understand race and racism and how would a structural functionalist understand race and racism?

Conflict theorists believe that race and racism are socially construed and arise from the differences in social class. It thus implies that racism can only be minimized if the social class conflict is reduced (Taylor and Andersen 282). The people of lower classes can then move into other classes.

Structural functionalists argue that race and racism can be used to raise a harmonious society. The theorists argue that the minority groups can systematically and gradually be assimilated into the dominant groups (Taylor and Andersen 281). The assimilation should level the economic, social and cultural perspectives.

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