Write a 2 pages paper on nintendo reviving a company transforming a market. Nintendo Reviving a Company Transforming a Market &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Nintendo Reviving a Com

Write a 2 pages paper on nintendo reviving a company transforming a market. Nintendo Reviving a Company Transforming a Market &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Nintendo Reviving a Company Transforming a Market Question The Wii accomplishment has a strategic merit. Nintendo saw it could not compete with Play Station 3 from Sony and Xbox from Microsoft. Nintendo attempts to restructure the gaming technique instead of competing with rivals. It is not concerned with advanced technology. rather it attempts be more creative using a small amount of investment. Nintendo considers hardcore gamers and teenage gamers. Nintendo spends a lot of time in hardcore gamers and earns plenty from the hardcore gamers. Nintendo focuses more on games that are enjoyable to play instead of focusing on technological advancement.

Question 2

Yes. Nintendo has tried its best to keep the game appealing for long. Nintendo put in vast sums of money to make sure Wii’s accomplishment does not disappear like many of the games consoles developed prior to this period. Nintendo created many games, for example, Zelda and Super Mario. Nintendo merged with two other corporations to guarantee new games string and launched games, for example, Capcom for the Wii gaming Console and Final Fantasy. The Wii is here to stay because the release of these games will go beyond appealing to gamers and raise the Wii’s impression to one dominating the industry.

Question 3

It is in the conclusion of the evolution stage and the start of the maturity stage. Nintendo is utilizing a superb marketing mix technique. This is because they have developed a famous product and are experiencing an immense growth. When the company’s growth started to stagnate, they started developing additional, innovative and creative product enhancements and features to keep clients fascinated. For example, it has introduced the steering wheel, balanced board, and competitors’ video games such as Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy series. The company is making correct decisions by innovating, inventing and intensifying the product. This will extend the deterioration of the product.

Question 4

Nintendo should look into the future before the Wii product finishes the maturity phase and moves into the waning phase. Nintendo will have to either add other dimensions of interactivity or contest with other superior products from other companies. The Wii should concentrate on targeting young children and hard core gamers. Nintendo should build on the motion-sensing control technology and basic graphics. this will fascinate any client. Nintendo should also concentrate on promotion, product, placement and price. The next product should provide different customizations and features and be a development on the previous product. The price should also be available to all as opposed to the rivals whose products are not affordable to all.

Question 5

The future of Nintendo’s success will be determined by the world economic condition. If the world economic situation continues declining it will have a negative impact on Nintendo. If the economy remains on the low, the key rivals will possibly holdup the release of their novel systems leaving Nintendo suffering from the economic crisis. Another probable threat is the progressing technology of its rivals, Playstation and Microsoft. The two companies have additions that can be incorporated in their present systems. Nintendo will have to create low cost features to their existing value pricing arrangement. They should also improve their graphics.

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