Write a 10 pages paper on did 19th century us cities deserve their reputations as harbingers of crime.

Write a 10 pages paper on did 19th century us cities deserve their reputations as harbingers of crime. In an attempt to be separated myth from reality as well as to be explained how the mythology&nbsp.exercised influence over the criminal reality, the paper will look over the most notorious American gangster’s myths created by that time wrote a speech.

As far as this paper is considering the thesis for the violence as a constant factor in 19th Century American cities, a few outstanding features of the American society and reality have emerged. At first is the composition of the colonial and postcolonial American society itself, as well as the unique for that time criteria, the structure of the American Republic – both present a premise for the origin of the American greatness in the future, as well as for the most sinister episodes in the American history. At the second place is the very specific combination that took place in America at the early twenties of the 19th Century – relatively sudden land extension presenting possibilities for almost unlimited settlement, headlong increasing wealth among a part of the population, that kindled the rest to rush frantically in aspiration for such a wealth, as well as the increasing immigration (including great number criminals) that have delivered the necessary human material for conquering the newly acquired lands. At last but not at least is the lack of, and unwillingness to implement an effective unified policing system, phenomenon that gave the criminals the freedom to go wherever they want, and what is more important to gain in a certain period of time total impunity, even supremacy over the law (as far as the law was existing). “ In this same year (1844), New York established the first modern police force in America, followed later by Boston. Policing in the USA has never been centralized, or even regionalized, as a result of political principles established at the time of the American Revolution.”(Edwards, Charles, Democratic control of police: How 19th Century political systems determine modern policing structures, p.2, 1990) The paper advocates the thesis that in general, these features have&nbsp.pre-determined the crime and violence genesis and assisted in spreading them over the American cities as well.

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