Write 7 pages with APA style on The Theories of Charles Darwin, the Concept of Eugenics.

Write 7 pages with APA style on The Theories of Charles Darwin, the Concept of Eugenics. When looking at the basic definitions and concepts of Darwinism and eugenics, it can be seen that they are directly related in basic terms and foundational definitions with the difference relying on the biological and scientific interpretations.&nbsp. Understanding how both of these are linked together also provides a thorough understanding of how different species have evolved as well as what the species will do to move forward with survival, evolution and changes in the species. More importantly, it shows how the external influences of different theories change the overall meaning, definition and influence on society.

The concept of eugenics, as well as the theories of Charles Darwin first, became prevalent in the 1800s and through World War II. Charles Darwin began the concept of evolution based on his belief in pangenesis, which was based on how organic substances would modify and change within a given environment. As these changed, they would be transmitted into different body fluids and would go into the next generation. Darwin then expanded the concept of evolution to not only include the concept of survival through an environment, but also was known for the evolutionary concept of survival of the fittest. This stated that those who were able to survive within a given environment were stronger than others and could easily adapt to different environments. As they adapted, there was the ability for them to pass on the new genes and other needs to future generations who would then be able to adapt within a given environment (Kevles, 1995).

The concept of evolution, through Darwin’s main theories, then began to open into new ideals of how evolution was possible. Several scientists used the theories of Darwin as a foundation for their own experiments and the belief that evolution occurred because of scientific processes over time. The evolutionary biology then began to link into social evolution, policies and ideologies of evolution within a given environment and how this created different perspectives on evolution. The link to eugenics then came from the way in which many thought of evolution&nbsp.and how different types of species evolved.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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