Write 2 pages with APA style on Engineering Reflective Statement. Engineering Reflective ment Part one Engineering solutions have an impact on global, economic, environmental and social issues. This a

Write 2 pages with APA style on Engineering Reflective Statement. Engineering Reflective ment Part one Engineering solutions have an impact on global, economic, environmental and social issues. This article is important because the impacts of these solutions are seen daily in various areas of our daily activities. There has been a change in climatic patterns because of the various inventions and innovations some of which have been brought about by engineering solutions. However, there have been positive and negative impacts of these solutions.

I chose this particular article because I am currently taking Alternative Energy Engineering Course. Apart from that, I enjoy reading materials on engineering like the Mechanical Engineering Magazine monthly edition and the Mechanical Society of American Engineers which promotes the art, science & practice of multidisciplinary engineering and allied sciences around the globe. However, the main reason why I chose the article is an article I read on making coal a cleaner burning fuel.

The global impact seen as a result of engineering solutions is the destruction of the ozone layer due to the use of various machines. A good example is the CFC used as a coolant because of its excellent heat capacity, but it ends up destroying the ozone layer. A lot of machines that have been invented contribute towards the destruction of the ozone layer through the fumes that they emit while in operation. The economic impact is felt in the manufacture and distribution of the various machines that have been invented. They provide a trading ground for many companies and individuals and at the same time create revenue for firms, individuals and governments (Huber, 23).

The environment is also affected by engineering solutions in that there is increased pollution of the air and water sources. This is due to the fumes emitted by various machines and waste deposited by various industries. Automobiles have eased transportation problems but cause pollution and, as a result, global warming. The social impact can be seen in the way communication has been eased through various gadgets and social networks that have come up as a result of engineering solutions.

Part two

Mechanical engineers need to understand the impact of their engineering solutions in order to come up with better ideas that will ensure the safety of everyone in the future. Their inventions have solved a lot of problems within homes, at work places and around us. However these solutions have come along with other negative impacts that are slowly affecting the natural ways of living and putting the future at risk. In order to understand these impacts, they need to appraise all inventions (Huber, 45).

Once they have understood the impact of their solutions then they can be able to come up with better machines and ways of doing things that will not adversely affect the global, economic, environmental and social areas negatively. They need to understand that the impacts their solutions are having today will affect their future inventions and therefore there is a need to start improving on them now for a better future. They ought to comprehend the various natural solutions that they can incorporate in their solutions in order to reduce the negative effects.

The engineers need to understand that their solutions will still have a high economic value since they will still provide solutions and easier ways of doing various things. The atmosphere will also be well maintained of if they understand the need to come up with solutions that will have a better way of disposing of waste material rather than disposing them in the open and in water bodies. Socially, they need to understand that they need to find solutions that are not be harmful to the users or the environment in any way (Huber, 54).

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