Write 10 pages thesis on the topic analyzing the self & brand personalities.

Write 10 pages thesis on the topic analyzing the self & brand personalities. They understand that keeping their shares in the markets is linked to the level of their customers’ faithfulness. Such information is key to my growth and in defining my marketing strategy for developing a strong brand into the market.

There are two theories describing this conceptual concept of the brand image and self-concept and these have an influence on the consumers’ choice and the brand preferences. These are the congruity theory, which entails the product cues that are involved and they usually use images to activate a schema that involves similar images. The second theory also referred to as the self concept theory seeks to explain that consumer behaviour research findings explains to us that consumers who perceive the product image are perceived to be well and consistent with their actual self-concept. For example, before purchasing a laptop computer or a mobile phone, I would consider going for strong brands that meet the four Ps of marketing. Moreover, this provides sufficient explanation to show that there is a congruence between the self-image and the brand personality. In fact, this is what increases the consumer brand relationship and the consumer satisfaction. For cases where there is a high involvement with the products, the relationship of the consumer brand quality will mediate an effect of satisfaction on the consumer’s brand loyalties. A good example is However, for the low involvement products the satisfaction will directly influence the loyalty of the brand. One of the most important issues in the market is brand royalty. this is because there is always a tendency of the consumers to purchase decisions by the brand images that have already been formed in their minds instead of the characteristics of the product itself or the original attributes.

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