“When you hear the word cloning, what do you think of?

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“When you hear the word cloning, what do you think of? You may have heard of Dolly the Sheep, but what about Cumulina the mouse? Mira the goat? Noto and Kaga, the cows? What about Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua, the macaques?

Cloning occurs in nature all the time. Science first started using cloning techniques in plants and in recent decades other organisms as well as tissues and cells. There are two types of cloning: (1) therapeutic cloning and (2) reproductive cloning. Both are used in science and medicine today. The intent of therapeutic cloning is to create specialized tissue cells and/or tissues to use in the treatment of human diseases. In comparison, the intent of reproductive cloning is to create a copy (or clone) of an organism. Cloning has been on the forefront of debate whether it is was the type of cells which are used in the research or the bioethical concerns of creating clones of organisms from sheep to .”

Taking Sides:

Research both types of cloning and then decide which specific type of cloning interests you the most. Further your investigation of the type of cloning that you find most interesting and answer the following question:

Will cloning ultimately reduce genetic diversity in humans?

Present your fact-based opinion and discuss.

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