Discussion Post 1:

From each of the readings, take one quote. It can be a short paragraph or just a sentence or two.  Include the page number, chapter or section title, and the full quote.  Explain what you believe the writer is trying to communicate, basically summarize your understanding.  Then indicate whether you agree or disagree.

Post two responses to peers whether you understand, agree, disagree or have another interpretation of the quote.

Expectations, Grading, and Feedback:

  • In grading the discussions, I am looking for the quality of the responses to others AND the quality of your own post.
  • I am looking for a response that clearly expresses an understanding of the corresponding consumer behavior topics and terms. Finally, your responses to your colleagues need to be specific to the criteria I provide for each post.
  • **********************************************************************************************************************

Identify a city or neighborhood where you lived for an extended period.  Based on your personal observations, explain two of the variations of values or cultural factors identified in the prior list specific to that area where you lived for an extended period.

  • Select at least two of the variations in values. Bold and underline the two variations you are discussing in your post.
  • Discuss marketing approaches used to target these values and cultural factors.
  • Find two colleagues with similar selections explain whether you agree or disagree with their reasoning.

Two variation in values, could Latin food on the other side could be american side where you can talk about food & sports in latin can be soccer and american sports like football , basketball

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