W6: Surface Mining Control & Reclamation Act

 Use Kentucky as the state of Interest.

Select a US state of interest, and reserve your discussion prior to completing your research… this means, please select a state and start a post with the state name in the title. This way, we will not repeat states and cover a broader geographic expanse in the discussion. Do not select a state someone else has already saved! Once you have completed your research come back into the discussion and edit your thread to complete the assignment. There are two topics for this weekly discussion, please select one of the following:

  1. Query the internet for your state’s Abandoned Mine Program. Describe your state’s program including the specific issues that they are dealing with.  If you can locate a specific mine site that has been reclaimed, describe it here and provide a picture or map if one is available. Feel free to use either the state you currently live in or the state you grew up in or any other place that sparks your interest.  You will be surprised at the different issues that different states are faced with!  Don’t forget to share with us any interesting figures or images you encounter in your search.
  2. The assignment for this week relates to the Superfund.   Superfund liability is part of the answer to the assignment. The US Constitution has a clause regarding “ex post facto” laws.  Many state Constitutions also have a similar clause. Your task is to find and read this clause.What is “ex post facto” and how does this concept fit in with Superfund liability or enforcement? Be sure to direct your discussion at the state level.

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