“Systems Thinking Essentially Seeks To Understand Phenomena As A Whole Formed By The Interaction Of Parts.”

Task: “Systems thinking essentially seeks to understand phenomena as a whole formed by the interaction of parts.” (Stacey, 2011)


Critically appraise the above statement in relation to changing ideas of strategic thinking and explain how it exists within YOUR company’s approach to strategic management.


A strong essay must use the key themes addressed in the first part of the module to develop the analysis, namely:

Approaches to Strategic Thinking   Systems Thinking  Complexity Perspective: New Ways of Thinking About Strategy?   Complex Adaptive Systems: Modelling Complexity   The Practice Perspective:


Organisational examples can be used to illustrate the themes covered in the essay. However, the essay is not a case study, it is a theoretical paper.

Remember that a critical study aims to provide a balanced analysis of differing perspectives, and points of view, before drawing the argument to a coherent conclusion

Required: A word processed essay with referencing to literature. The essay will be 3,000 (+/- 10%) words (inclusive of appendices, NOT inclusive of references).


In order to complete this activity you need to undertake three principal tasks:

(1) Utilise academic research using literature from journals, books, etc.

(2) Undertake a critical evaluation making effective use of evidence and sources

(3) Present findings in an appropriate format (ensure that Harvard referencing is used)

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