Should drivers be allowed to smoke when operating company vehicles

Should drivers be allowed to smoke when operating company vehicles? Why, or why not?



Ok so since everyone is saying no, I am going to be the devils advocate simply for arguements sake and say yes they should be allowed to if they so chose. A person’s physical health is their choice. I work out because my health is important to me and helps me be a more effectiveworker, yetshould I make itmandatory for my workers to do so? Yes the smell of smoke is disgusting, however so isn’t the smell of fast food that lingers in a vehicle, and eating (or drinking water) is a distraction as well. Are we going to tell people to not do these things when everyone here does one or the other (if not both) themselves? As far as it being dangerous, when was the last time a car blew up, or caught on fire from smoking? I don’t smoke but to tell someone they can’t smoke simply because I don’t is like saying I need to go to church because everyone around me does. Work trucks (at least in construction) go through more strenuous things than being smoked in.

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