Research various software packages, such as Microsoft® Project Server or SharePoint, and select one that has the most useful tools


  1. Research various software packages, such as Microsoft® Project Server or SharePoint, and select one that has the most useful tools to coordinate data, resource management, scheduling, and communication. In 300 – 400 words, explain why this software is appropriate.
  2. Navigate to Download the free Power/Interest Grid .pdf file. Reproduce the grid in a Microsoft® Word document. Brainstorm various stakeholders of this project and plot them on the grid. Identify and categorize stakeholders according to reporting needs.
  3. Create a communication plan matrix for the Riordan Manufacturing Go Green campaign, using the WBS and project organization chart from the team assignments. The communication plan matrix (use Microsoft® Excel) will have the Message Type, Audience (stakeholders), Method, Frequency, and Sender (team member) across the top row of the matrix. Submit a copy of the Microsoft Excel file.
  4. Write a paper of 800 – 1,050 words (in addition to item 1 above) in which you explain how the communication plan and software will enable the project leader to effectively manage communication on the project.
  5. Combine the software recommendation, Power/Interest Grid, communication plan matrix, paper, and a one page executive summary into one cohesive report.
  6. Format your report consistent with APA guidelines.
  7. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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