Presentation You have just been appointed as Assistant Human ResourceManager in the HR team at the new local manufacturing unit of FORD Motor Company in UAE. The organization is in the process of bein


You have just been appointed as Assistant Human ResourceManager in the HR team at the new local manufacturing unit of FORD Motor Company in UAE. The organization is in the process of being set up and is operating with a staff of 50 people at present and is expected to employ 1000 individuals in various posts in its first year of operations, which will commence in January 2020. Further expansion is expected in the second year of operation based on the performance in the first year.

You have been given the task of preparing a group presentationwhich provides an overview of the HR function in the organization. This will be used while formulating the overall business strategy of FORD Motor Company, UAE. You will need to make a presentation to higher management in which you:

LO 1:   ​Explain the purpose and scope of Human Resource Management in terms of resourcing an organizationwith talent and skills appropriate to fulfil business objectives.      ​

LO 2: ​Evaluate the effectiveness of the key elements of Human Resource Management in an organisation. 


• Research the HRM practices at Ford Motor Company internationally. • Provide a short overview of the organisation.• Provide an explanation of the purpose of the HR function and its key roles and responsibilities• Describe and assess the organisation’s approach to recruitment and selection. • Explain the benefits of different HRM practices to the employer and the employee. These practices should include Learning, development and training, Job and workplace design (reward management and motivation) flexibility in organisations and performance management and appraisal. • Discuss how effective these HRM practises are in terms of raising organisational profit and productivity.

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