Philosophy Essay

Please write a 6-8 page, double-spaced essay answering both of the following questions. Roughly half the space should be used for each question.

The papers should be double-spaced, use 12 point Times New Roman font and 1″ margins. If you have not done so already, review the academic dishonesty policy stated in the course syllabus as these policies are strictly enforced.

1) Using the works of De Beauvoir and Royce, assess the actions of Howard Campbell Jr. (Nick Nolte) in the film “Mother Night.” Which actions were ethically justified? Which actions were not justified? Be sure to explain your answer through an exposition of the ethical theories.

2) In The Remains of the Day, is Stevens a good human being? You may use any theorists of your choosing in support of your answer.

The materials for this assignment are :


2- Levinas & Royce is attached in the post

3- The Remains of the Day; “Mother Night” film

  • attachment


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