Need help with my writing homework on Discussing the Usual Class Preparation. Write a 250 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Discussing the Usual Class Preparation. Write a 250 word paper answering; 10- How can you become more of an active participant in class? Of the the seven tips outlined in the section on class participation,which do you feel you can learn from the most? Explain. In what ways would you like to improve your class participation?

The seven tips are come to class prepared, ask questions, volunteer, take an active role in group activities, active listener, resist temptation to tune out or daydream and focus on class.&nbsp. Of the seven tips, I believe I learn from taking an active role in group activities because it is more fun and engaging not to mention that it removes boredom and surely one cannot tune out when active.

13-How do high school and college expectations differ? How do students’ expectations differ? How do instructors’ expectations differ?

There is a difference in the expectations between college and high school in terms of the learning process.&nbsp. In college, the free exchange of ideas is more common and students are encouraged to think independently or to be critical.&nbsp. It is also expected among college students that they would know how to find information for class or reports through research.&nbsp. In high school, students are more dependent on teachers for information.&nbsp. There are also fewer reports compared to college and the academic requirements are less rigorous.

14-What did you discover about your learning style preferences? How will you strengthen your less preferred learning style? How can you use your preferred learning styles to make the most out of college?&nbsp.

I discovered that I learn more when I am engaged in an activity.&nbsp. Long lectures bores me and reading abstract ideas are often hard to relate.&nbsp. Unlike in activities where I can experience the application of the lesson which I can often learn well and remember.

20- How do classroom expectations compare to actual job expectations?

In classroom expectations, we are merely graded and are expected to pass.&nbsp. If we fail, we may retake the test or class and there are usually make up class or we can repeat the subject.&nbsp. There is also no life altering consequences in the classroom.&nbsp. In actual job expectations, a professional is expected to do the job right the first time and failing to do so has serious consequences such as not meeting customer expectation, missed deadline, work stalled, etch.&nbsp. In short, there are no make up class or test in actual jobs.&nbsp. Depending on the consequence, an employee can be fired for not meeting expectations at work.

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