Literary Experience Essay

Literary Experience Essay, which is worth 30 points. This is a very easy and informal assignment. What I would like you to do is write a one-page paper(double-spaced 12 point type) (you may make it longer if you desire) telling me your approach to reading and studying literature. Here are some things you can talk about: What do you like to read? In the Lecture Notes, I discuss three levels of readers (those who only read when they have to, those who read for pleasure and enjoyment, those who read to analyze and study the text). You could explain which approach you take. Do you like to study the history of when a work was written? Do you like to know about the author’s background when you read? These are just some ideas of what you could discuss. Again, this short paper is very informal, and it is just your own opinions for how you approach reading and literature.

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