How Does this Relate to Me? Prior to beginning work on this activity, review the Week 6 Final Project instructions and contact your instructor with any questions you may have about the theory you have

 How Does this Relate to Me?

Prior to beginning work on this activity, review the Week 6 Final Project instructions and contact your instructor with any questions you may have about the theory you have chosen for your topic and the 3 applications you will explain based on the theory. Watch “Recording Presentations with Zoom (Links to an external site.)” and “Use Microsoft PowerPoint with Screencast-O-Matic (Links to an external site.)”.

In addition, the followingvideo is an example presentation by a University of Arizona Global Campus student during the 2020 Research Symposium. Although the content differs from what you will be presenting, it will give you an idea of the look and feel of a recorded webinar/presentation.

The primary goal of the Learning and Cognition Final Project in Week 6 is to integrate concepts from the discipline of learning and cognitive psychology into a usable and professional recorded informational webinar presentation or a useful instructional/training manual that is designed for a specific audience based on your career goals. The purpose of this project is to share helpful strategies and knowledge by applying what you have learned from the course to a major topic in the field: Behavior Analysis, Cognitivism, or Information Processing. You will use your theory to also share at least three strategies associated with the theory that could be applied to your audience’s organization. You will incorporate your findings from required sources and the relevant sources you researched throughout the course. In Week 3 you were to choose your topic from the following list:

  • Behavior Analysis (previously known as behaviorism)
  • Cognitivism
  • Information Processing Theory

This week you will be submitting the following interactively so you and your classmates can more thoroughly identify areas of improvement prior to Week 6.

  • The audience (career field) you have chosen to share your information with
    • Examples: a hospital, a school, a marketing company, etc.
      • Align the audience with your future career goals
  • Your mode of sharing the information (recorded webinar or instructional/training manual)
    • If creating a recorded webinar/presentation, include what software you think you will be using.
  • An outline of your Final Project, including how the theory can be applied in the career field you have chosen to focus on
    • If you are doing a webinar where you will share a PowerPoint, explaining how you plan to organize your slides.
  • Submission of any questions you have about the Final Project
  • Submission of any questions you have about using the video software
    • Consider practicing with the software so you can ask questions. Be sure to watch the how to videos on each online software’s site. These are very helpful.
      • Zoom
      • Screencast-o-matic
      • YouTube
    • If you prefer to create an instructional/training manual, visit these websites for additional support: (Links to an external site.)

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