Hi, need to submit a 3000 words paper on the topic International business term paper.

Hi, need to submit a 3000 words paper on the topic International business term paper. Since, the use of cosmetic products is very common in the market of China. therefore, Ajmal International can enter into this market with the aim of expanding and growing its business in other ancillary areas of the consumer goods industry. Also, the company can enter into the business of herbal cosmetics products in Turkey because the consumers in Turkey show a high preference towards the use of natural and herbal skin care products and make up products (Root 401).

Ajmal international is a well equipped business in the GCC as viewed from the perspective of resources and capabilities. The financial profitability of the company and the market penetration capabilities of the business can be identified as key resources for the business that it can use in its international business expansion (Slywotzky and Hoban 441).

As per the Resource Based View (RBV) of a company, the basic determinants of the success of a company in a new market are its international market entry strategies and the availability of firm specific resources, assets and capabilities. The VRIO analysis of the company, Ajmal International can be done to evaluate the resources and capabilities of the company which it can use in the international expansion process (Elmuti and Kathawala 78-80). It can be identified that Ajmal International has specific physical and human resources that it can use for setting up a successful business in the cosmetics market of China. The organizational resources of the company, especially the efficient sales force of the team can be used as an important asset for creating valuable strategies in the international business of the company. The skills related to the use of open innovation techniques in the company are found to be useful resources that can be used by the cosmetics company to create competitive advantage in the Chinese consumer goods market.

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