Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Working conditions in Brooks Brothers.

Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Working conditions in Brooks Brothers. Individual associates put our employees under a lot of pressure to make the required sales volumes during the period of economic recessions. An employee must make approximately 85% of all the net sales thus living no time for personal development. One has to work for a long number of hours with minimum overtime compensation. This is turning to be a problem because seem not to care about all the well being of the employees.

&nbsp.There is also no room for employees to develop professionally. Once employed in a creation sector of the business, either making the clothes or marketing or sales, a person is likely to stagnate in one position for a long time. Upper management does not offer the employees the required support. It is the dream of any employee in any work station to climb up the ladder in the job market. However, this seems not to be an issue in this organization. The amount of time given for breaks is very little. All we do is work and work the more. The healthcare provided is also limited. The employees are so busy such work is available even during holidays and all this work is done while one is standing up. Thus, it is very tiresome and the pay is just okay

&nbsp.Moreover, the management sometimes does not show up on time to open the retail stores. But when one is unable to make the required sales, then it proves to be a problem with the top management. Sometimes that required promotion from within is also very slow. One can be made to do something impromptu something that had not even been planned for.

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