Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. These findings have shown that the process of building and managing a small group in a learning environment is very important. Small groups are a critical way of observing and developing various skills necessary in learners’ life thus giving group work a new status. It’s only within group work that self-confidence, teamwork and interpersonal skills can be nurtured and assessed. The development of communal activities is reported by students to create environments whereby they can observe their own learning, adjust the learning to suit different situation thus get more engaged in their subjects. These attributes are part of a deep approach to learning and ensure higher retention levels buy the learners (Hogan 45).

Cognitive research has revealed that even with what is considered to be good instruction, many learners, including academically gifted students have an inferior level of understanding than perceived by most. With commitment, students taking an examination are normally capable of identifying what they have learned or what they have read. cautious probing, however, often reveals that their understanding is imperfect or distorted, if not altogether mistaken.

People have to build their own understanding regardless of how evidently teachers or books tell them things. Mostly, a learner does this by relating new information and ideas to what he or she already believes. Concepts—the basic units of human thought—that do not have numerous links with how a student reasons about the world are not likely to be memorized or useful. Or, if they do remain in theory rather than practical, they will be tucked away in some corner of the brain and may not be available to influence thoughts about any other facet of the world. Concepts are best retained when they are met in a variety of contexts and articulated in a variety of ways since that ensures that there are more occasions for them to become embedded in a student’s knowledge system (David and Tina 43).

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