Final Essay


Part I.
Identify the following references and motifs using specific examples from course materials in one to three sentences. You may use any of the books or films discussed in your explanation, but avoid undo repetition (of one work). In addition, give the approximate historical period (century) and some information about the author in your explanation.
1. Macduff
2. Three witches
3. Pygmalion
4. Cawdor
5. E.A.T.
6. Duncan
7. Adam
8. Inverness
9. Jenny
10. Banquo

Write one essay in response to one of the following prompts. Formulate an argument using literary, textual, and filmic examples. Develop a specific thesis in answer to the essay questions using consistent references to one or two works.

What is significant about the role of the “mother” (in terms of the motherland, mother of art, or mother nature) in Macbeth or The Shape of Things? Compare the Macbeths to Evelyn and Adam. What are their similarities and/or differences? How is Evelyn different from Lady Macbeth? How are both plays feminist in that they reflect a lack of feminine roles for women in feudal Scotland (Macbeth) and the predominance of male artists in modern museums (The Shape of Things)?

Describe how history is presented and supplemented in one or two course readings. What aspects of “official” history do the works address? How does work rewrite or challenge official history, the “father,” and perspective to relate what is erased or left out? What is the work(s) argument about art history, community, nature, and politics?

Discuss the act of creating and creation accounts as it relates to gender, race, and class in course readings. Who are the creators and what are they creating? Compare Pygmalion to Evelyn-whose work becomes more alive? Who is in control of the creation process? What role does fantasy play in mediating the creator and creation? Does the artist’s creation lead to transformation of culture?

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