Needs to be related to Gloria Anzaldua “Chicana artists”, and George ritzer “an introduction to mcdonaldization. The thesis must be about the dehumanization of people in prison. Needs quotes and MLA format, I also attached a “model essay”

What is a main idea? A thesis? If you’ve ever had trouble coming up with an idea for an essay, this assignment will show you how to

  • use your writing to discover new ideas 
  • teach yourself with your writing
  • invent a main idea (thesis).

Writing is more than a record of what we already know or believe. Writing = thinking tool.  Inventors, writers, artists, CEO’s and creative problem-solvers know how to come up with great ideas. How do they do it? How can you do it too?


Your goal is to show you can

  1. See details
  2. Analyze those details
  3. Use analysis to generate new ideas.

We are working on these skills because they are fundamental to having an idea worth sharing–in your academic writing, your Twitter feed, date-night conversation, or in your workplace.


By doing this assignment, we will learn

  • the power of analysis to generate new ideas.
  • you don’t have to know your thesis when you start to write!
  • a thesis, like all learning, is always growing as we encounter (and analyze) new experiences and information.
  • a thesis might be introduced to readers in the opening paragraph of a finished essay, but the writer likely discovered the thesis at the end of a draft!


  • Upload your essay below by the due date (or request an extension).
  • Minimum 1500-2000 words
  • Make observations of at least TWO of the course texts
    • summarize key ideas
    • integrate useful quotes
    • Use Dillard,Anzaldúa, and Rizters’ texts
  • Apply at least three analytical moves. Analyze your observations, using analytical moves from our Analysis Module:
    • Ask questions
    • Make connections/ notice patterns
    • “seems to be about X, but could be about Y”
    • Uncover at least two assumptions one or both authors make about how meaning is made.
    • Look at binary oppositions in how the authors each describe how meaning is made
  • Use analysis to arrive at an insight (thesis) of your own. There are different ways to approach it:
    • Your personal experience + the texts = new insight
    • Text 1 + Text 2 = new insight
    • Your interests + the texts = new insight
  • Explain how details (like quotes) from the sources help you develop your thinking and thesis.
  • Write to an academic audience
    • Cite Source Material
    • Use MLA format
  • Extra Credit (5 points)

Criteria for Success

  • Relate the texts to your own life experiences, passions, skills. You are a specialist in something–
    • a video game, TV series, a sport or artistic pursuit.
    • your religion or your identity.
    • jobs you’ve worked
    • family life/ parenting
  • Practice grading yourself using the rubric (listed below), and see where you might need to keep working on your essay to earn as many points possible.
  • attachment

  • attachment


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