Please give a brief description of any major professional accomplishments within the last year and your long-term goals and aspirations. Why have you chosen this work? (250 words)

Based on your understanding of your preferred track of study, what skills and knowledge do you hope to gain from the Fellowship that you would not be able to develop through other education or training? How will you use those skills and that knowledge to adapt your activities in your home country and/or community within the next three to five years? (250 words)

Public and community service are essential responsibilities for leaders. What communities do you most hope to reach and engage through your work? How are you working toward this goal now, and what else do you hope to accomplish in the future? (150 words)

The Mandela Washington Fellowship values diversity, equity, and inclusion and strives to reach diverse audiences through all programming. Provide a specific example of how you have committed yourself to these values in your professional and/or personal life. (150 words)

Nelson Mandela said, “Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.” Strong leaders are able to effectively handle challenges. The COVID-19 global health pandemic has posed significant challenges, both globally and locally. Describe a specific instance when the pandemic or its repercussions posed a problem that helped you grow as a leader. What did you do, and how are you applying lessons learned from this experience in your current work? (150 words)

Nelson Mandela was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for working with leaders of the South African government to agree on a peaceful transition to multiparty rule and an end to apartheid, demonstrating that leaders can achieve progress despite differing views or identities. Please explain a situation where you have worked with people from different backgrounds, identities, or perspectives and had to use your leadership skills to resolve a conflict or disagreement. What actions did you take, and how did you encourage respectful discussion? (150 words)

What are your goals for the Professional Development Experience, including the specific skills and knowledge you hope to gain? How would you apply an experience working in a U.S. organization to your work after returning to your home country? (250 words)

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