Business Promotion Project Directions For this project you will create a PowerPoint presentation.

Business Promotion Project Directions

For this project you will create a PowerPoint presentation.  When completed it will consist of 9 to 10 slides. Slide 10 will be extra credit (+15 points).  Be sure to utilize chapters 24 + 25, along with others we do not have time to cover, of your textbook for this assignment, as the information there will be the base criteria for grading.

Slide 1:

Your name, IDES 324, date, Business Promotion, Professor Cooley

Slide 2:

Select a business name.  Google it to find out if it is already taken.  What else might pop up when clients type the name into a search window?

Slide 3:

How is your business formed?  Sole Proprietorship, Limited Partnership, LLC, Corporation….. What was your rational for forming your business this way?

Slide 4:

Who is your target audience?

  • Is it residential or commercial interior design?
  • Are you a studio with design services, studio with retail showroom, retail only, ….?
  • Do you have a niche? If so, explain what it is.

Slide 5:

Create a press release for this business. Use your imagination and make up some great stuff!

Slide 6:

Create a logo for this business.

Slide 7:

Create a tag line or slogan for this business.

Slide 8:

What is your businesses color scheme?  Type face(s)?  This could be as simple as typing out the name of the color(s) you are using and the name of the typeface(s), using the font(s).

Slide 9:

Create an ad for a magazine or a front page of a website for your business.

Slide 10:

Optional, as extra credit.

Submit in M16 – Business Promotion Due! by the due date shown on course outline and Canvas calendar.

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