Behavior Of Infections And Illnesses – Thought Response – 200 Words

Reply to two prompts in 100 words each. No sites needed, these are just thoughts on the prompts.

(Original prompt for you consideration,

Understanding the behavior of infection and illness in one person can be a challenge. But infection and illness that has spread can be catastrophic. As a result, we must learn about how spread can occur and how to mitigate it. For the following questions, first provide an answer. Then identify some potential challenges that might occur when considering implementation.

  • What methods have been used to control growth and spread?
  • How effective are those methods?
  • What additional methods could be considered?
  • What can be done if the population does not want to engage in the identified methods? )

Prompt 1:  Syphilis is spread through sexual contact. The only way to prevent contracting this 100% is to not have vaginal, anal, or oral sex. The next best method of prevention would be engaging in a long-term monogamous relationship, where you know each others STI status. If these methods aren’t ideal for you, doctors suggest using protection like condoms and getting tested regularly to decrease your chance of succumbing and/or spreading the infection. Although against syphilis condoms aren’t as effective since all that is needed is secretion from skin to skin contact; but its still better than no condom. If you find out you have syphilis, to help prevent it from spreading you should take the following actions: notify your past/present partners so they can be tested, get treated and don’t have sex until the treatment is complete and all sores have healed. If for some reason the population decided not to take any of the preventative measures in order not to get or spread syphilis there is treatment to cure it. But i if you are recklessly infecting people with an STI, that is punishable through law (depending on the state).

Prompt 2:  Streptococcus is spread by breathing in the droplets of someone who has it, sharing drinks with someone, touching a surface with those droplets and then touching your face after. The best thing you can do to control the spread of streptococcus(strep throat) is washing your hands often. We should be doing this everyday, but it is especially important when you have an illness or disease of some sort. If you get sick you want to do you best to not spread it to other people. If you test positive for strep at the doctor they usually prescribe you an antibiotic to help you feel better quicker and help you not give it to others. Another way to stop the spread is being aware of the other people you live with. Don’t share drinks, food, towels, utensils etc. That is very important. I think these methods can be effective and people will follow them. No one wants to get strep because it is not fun. I think if we educate everyone on how it spreads and ways to control and prevent it people would understand and do those things.

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