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Discussion 2: The Role Of The RN/APRN In Policy-Making

Word cloud generators have become popular tools for meetings and team-building events. Groups or teams are asked to use these applications to input words they feel best describe their team or their role. A “word cloud” is generated by the application that makes prominent the most-used terms, offering an image of the common thinking among […]

Nursing Standardized Simulation (David Montanari)

SCENARIO OVERVIEW David Montanari is a 19-year-old male who suffered a T4-T5 burst fracture and a right scapula fracture as a result of a motorcycle accident on Sunday. He underwent spinal fusion on Sunday evening and has had an uneventful recovery period. David has no sensation or movement below the nipple line and is bedbound. […]

Root-Cause Analysis And Safety Improvement Plan

For this assessment, you will use a supplied template to conduct a root-cause analysis of a quality or safety issue in a health care setting of your choice and outline a plan to address the issue. As patient safety concerns continue to be addressed in the health care settings, nurses can play an active role […]

Capstone Icare Paper

Purpose The purpose of the iCARE Paper assignment is to explore the concept of interprofessional teams and patient outcomes. Nursing supportive actions of compassion, advocacy, resilience, and evidence-based practice will serve as a way to apply care concepts. Course Outcomes This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes: CO1: Applies principles of […]

Global Healthcare Comparison Matrix And Narrative Statement

Review the World Health Organization’s (WHO) global health agenda and select one global health issue to focus on for this Assignment. Select at least one additional country to compare to the U.S. for this Assignment. Reflect on how the global health issue you selected is approached in the U.S. and in the additional country you […]

1774710 Topic: PICO(T) Evidence Review

Revision; Order; Read through the order instructions; => The assignment which was done => The revision which need to be done. #1774710 Topic: PICO(T) Evidence Review 1: Evidence Search Number of Pages: 7 (Double Spaced) Number of sources: 1 Writing Style: APA Type of document: Research Paper Academic Level:Master Category:   Nursing Order Instructions at 1774710.txt […]

Practical Use Of Theory

All the information needed for the paper is attached. Paper is about the 2 questions bellow. please stay on topic and use information given. Read the 10 Caritas Processes™ on the Watson Caring Science Institute website which further elaborate on the carative factors listed in Box 8-4: Watson’s 10 Carative Factors located on p. 183 of Theoretical Basis for […]