Argumentative Essay

 Format: All work is to be uploaded as a double-spaced Word document written in Times New roman 12-point font. Your document should have a title and Works Cited page, have one-inch margins on all sides and include page numbers. This essay should run about 1,500-1,800 words. Audience: Your audience for this paper will be the members of this class. Assignment: The purpose of this assignment is to produce an Argumentative Essay on your chosen topic, using the knowledge you have gained in completing the previous assignments and any additional sources of information. This paper cannot be merely informative—you must make an argument defending a stated position/thesis. The audience you must convince includes the instructor and the members of your class. You will need to use a minimum of five sources, including the four you used in the Synthesis Essay. These sources must include a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources and one popular source. The final source can be whatever will be most helpful to your essay. To identify what additional sources you might need, look over your proposal and your research question(s). What questions remain unresolved? What arguments were weak or incomplete? Review the feedback you have received from your peers and from me. What additional questions did they have after reading your work that you cannot answer with the sources already collected? While some sources will be more important to your argument than others, you must engage with each one of your sources. You must also put your sources in conversation with each other. The Argumentative Essay must incorporate all sources listed in the Works Cited page. Papers that fail to incorporate the minimum five sources, or the specified types of required sources as listed above will be marked down. Contents Your Argumentative Essay, should include: • An appropriate title. • An introduction in which you: o Orient your readers to your topic o Briefly explain the stakes and exigence of your topic o Provide an overview of the debate surrounding this topic o Clearly state your argument or position in a qualified thesis • A body in which you: o Provide support for your position by engaging your sources o Acknowledge potential opposition to your argument o Rebut this opposition o If appropriate to your topic, suggest what you think needs to be done to improve the current situation. • A conclusion in which you: o Briefly summarize your argument o Leave your audience thinking • A list of sources of information you have used in your paper (this is not included in your word count) in MLA style. In-text citations in MLA format are also required. As you begin working: Plan in advance (notecards, outline, blueprint, etc.) and keep track of sources. Sources must fit your argument—and vice versa Make sure you are actually making an argument. Your claim/thesis must be arguable. And you must include at least one credible counter argument, so someone should have actually made the argument you rebut, and you should cite a publication in which they make it. Make your sources fit the structure of your argument rather than building your argument around the order in which you discuss your sources. This paper should not look like the synthesis paper. Any fact or point of information that is not common knowledge needs to be cited. This means you should have at least one citation per body paragraph. Suggestions for Drafting Your Argumentative Essay • Reread your Proposal and Synthesis Essay, review any additional information you have collected, and seek out new information on your topic as needed. • Decide on a position statement that you would like to argue for. • Decide on what information per source you will use to support your argument. • Consider potential opposition to your argument. Save the following for the Portfolio: 1. 1st Draft 2. Peer Review 3. 2nd Draft 4. Instructor Comments 5. Final version  • Give yourself at least two to three uninterrupted hours to develop your draft. • Draft the body of your essay, considering the order of presentation of material and citing your sources of information in MLA style. • Link the parts of your paper. Using sections may be useful (more info to follow). • Give your draft a title. • Assemble a list of reference in accordance with MLA or APA guidelines

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